Planned meetings :


September 18th 7-9pm 

Record Keeping lecture provided by CDHO-Mary Gow
St Lawrence College Kingston Ontario
Room #  (44310)

October 23rd 7-9pm
Live webinar with Kerry Lepicek RDH OraVital Clinical Coaching Team Director  – North America
Location: St Lawrence College

Room #  (12050)

Course Description: Halitosis

How can you help your clients with Halitosis?

Did you know diseased and “healthy-looking” mouths can suffer from halitosis? The same bacteria cause periodontal disease and halitosis.  Gain new insights into assessment, diagnosing and treating your client with halitosis.  The physiological and social impact of oral malodour is underestimated by our profession.  Understand why physicians, dental hygienists and dentists have been unable to treat these patients. Kerry will review why brushing your teeth, flossing, having your teeth cleaned and the use of mints, gums and some mouthwashes are not able to control bad breath. She will look at the risk of Volatile Sulphur Compounds (VSC) pose to the client’s systemic health. Tonsillitis play a role in oral malodour and cause significant concerns for many people. Kerry will address myths vs. the real causes of halitosis that you did not learn in school.

Learning Objectives:

·       Recognise whole mouth biofilm influences halitosis and periodontal treatment

·       Understand how stress, meal frequency, and hydration can impact halitosis

·       Learn assessment strategies to find the source and locations of your clients’ halitosis

·       Find out why microbial analysis is required with halitosis care

·       Gain insight into different treatment options to control oral malodour

·       Understand how “healthy looking”  mouths can have breath odour

Kerry Lepicek RDH

OraVital Clinical Coaching Team Director  – North America


November 10th (Sunday) Full day Course

AAP guidelines/Red flags with Kerry Lepicek RDH OraVital Clinical Coaching Team Director  – North America
Full day course
St Lawrence college Kingston Ontario
Room #  (44310)
$100 for members
$150 non member
Light breakfast with coffee/juice and lunch included.



Enjoy the holidays and time with your family and friends!!


January 15th 7-9pm

CDHA Presents

Healthy and Respectful Workplace

Results from CDHA’s 2018 healthy and respectful workplace survey indicate that members are facing workplace issues with harassment, bullying, abuse, and violence in the workplace. This presentation will provide an overview of the results from this survey. The session will also include a workshop on having difficult conversations in the workplace and how to lead the way to a positive work environment.

Results from our 2019 job market survey.



Future topics*

-Sterilization/IPAC/Water lines

-Independent Dental Hygiene/ Crisis in access to general anesthetic across Canada


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